About Us

On this page we try to show you a little bit about our school. Maybe not all the information you would like to know is shown on this page. You can always come to our school and ask.

About us

About our Journey

The history of our school doesn't go far back. We opened this beautiful school in 2016, starting with only 50 students. Quickly the word began to spread that our school was something special. Soon many new students applied. Now, after only 4 terms, our school has more than 300 students and still growing. 

School Profile and Philosophy

Holy Mary, operated by Phra Mae Maree group, is an innovative school that intends to care for your child and your child's education. As a pre- and primary school, Holy Mary has as its philosophy:
1. Child car, Child Education: education is first a holistic child care, responding to his or her innate abilities and critical periods of growth.
2. Educational Goals: The strategic intent of Holy mary is to teach, help, and let your child grow up as leader and thinker who thinks like a mathematician.
3. Educational System: Holy Mary designs and implements an aducational system which is open, flecible, and adaptive to changes.
4. Educational Personnel: Holy mary values the importance of an open community of professional, in constand development, seeking new ways of teaching and collaborating with colleagues.
"Learn Think Act"


As a new and growing school, our numbers are still small. But we are proud of every students and teacher we have at Holy Mary Udonthani School.

Take a tour

A little tour inside our school.

This nice short video gives you a good idea what we have to offer at our school. 


What are the available classes at Holy Mary Udonthani School?

Our youngest group is Nursery. This is for children older than 2.5 years old. 

Kindergarten 1 is available for children that are 3 years old. 

After that children will attend KG2 and KG3 and after that we have 1st to 5th grade this year. 

6th Grade will be available in 2019. 

What is the difference between a school with an 'English Program' and Holy Mary Udonthani School?
What is Montessori Education?
What are the school fees?
How many students are in a classroom?
How can I enroll my child?


The team of Holy Mary School is determined to create independent children that grow up as leader and thinker who thinks like a mathematician. 
Miss Suthatip Nonluecha
Head EducationMiss Suthatip Nonluecha
Miss Wipada Tiphaut
Montessori TeacherMiss Wipada Tiphaut
Miss Kamolrat Kamolsuthi
Montessori TeacherMiss Kamolrat Kamolsuthi
Miss Sujitra Saengdaeng
Phonics TeacherMiss Sujitra Saengdaeng
Miss Khanittha Phokham
Montessori, KG1/1 TeacherMiss Khanittha Phokham
Miss Pawarisa Jirapornkul
Montessori, KG2/2 TeacherMiss Pawarisa Jirapornkul
Miss Sirirapa Pumnak
Head of English Department, Phonics Teacher, P3 TeacherMiss Sirirapa Pumnak
Master Natthapun Thamrpaskun
Physical Education Teacher, Homeroom Teacher P2Master Natthapun Thamrpaskun
Miss Padchariporn Nonthong
Homeroom teacher K1/1Miss Padchariporn Nonthong
Miss Rattanapron Jakkhulee
Homeroom teacher KG1/2Miss Rattanapron Jakkhulee
English Teacher, Homeroom Teacher KG1/2Miss Cherish Joy Santiago Arellano
Miss Anong Hongsing
Homeroom Teacher K2/1Miss Anong Hongsing
English Teacher, Homeroom Teacher KG2/1Miss Charissa jade Ortiz Anore
Miss Raneerat Sriwijarn
Homeroom Teacher KG2/2Miss Raneerat Sriwijarn
Miss Allailah Della Cruz
Homeroom Teacher K2/2, English TeacherMiss Allailah Della Cruz
Homeroom Teacher K3/1Miss Supattra Chamchant
Miss Ferrayn S. Jangalay
Homeroom Teacher K3/1, English TeacherMiss Ferrayn S. Jangalay
Miss Nutdapron Phokhee
Head of Kindergarten, Homeroom Teacher K3/2Miss Nutdapron Phokhee
Miss Ruby Lea De Vera Calaque
English Teacher, Teacher KG3/2Miss Ruby Lea De Vera Calaque
Miss Rasita Chantasaeng
Thai Language TeacherMiss Rasita Chantasaeng
Homeroom Teacher P1/1Miss Tatiya Promsuwan
Miss Daryl Jane Abuacan Nosnosan
English Teacher, Homeroom Teacher P1/1Miss Daryl Jane Abuacan Nosnosan
Homeroom Teacher P1/2Miss Sujindarat Thindang
Miss Jirapon Tammarit
Chinese Language Teacher, Homeroom Teacher P1/2Miss Jirapon Tammarit
Miss Duangdaw Boonruang
Homeroom Teacher P2Miss Duangdaw Boonruang
Homeroom Teacher P3, Science TeacherMiss Suphatthanan Pimpiluek
Miss Thanyathorn Boonthiang
Homeroom Teacher P4Miss Thanyathorn Boonthiang
Mathematics Teacher, Homeroom Teacher P4 Miss Ruffa Jean Sorbito Develos
Miss Darapron Payakhul
Math Lab Coordinator, Homeroom Teacher P5Miss Darapron Payakhul
Master Martin stoel
Math/Grammar Teacher, Homeroom Teacher P5Master Martin stoel
Head of NurseryMiss Chantana Cruannate
Miss Sirirak Chomin
Nursery Teacher Miss Sirirak Chomin
Miss Kanyapat Thongphun
Nursery TeacherMiss Kanyapat Thongphun
Nursery Teacher, Montessori TeacherMiss Wilawan Kikuchi
Miss Thanyaphorn Stoel
Accounting, School AdministrationMiss Thanyaphorn Stoel
School AdministrationMiss Phonsawan Chonmasuk

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