At Holy Mary Udonthani School we think that mathematics is very important. Our Educational Approach is Multiple Languages, Montessori and Mathematics. It is impossible to live your life without mathematics. Daily activities like cooking, shopping, playing sports, driving your car and using the computer, mathematical skills are being used. We are aware that the traditional mathematical mindset that has been used for decades is no longer current or effective in the technological society that we are growing up in.  

Last year Dr. Yeap Ban Har told us that 40 years ago Singapore and Thailand had an equal level of mathematics. Singapore changed their mindset since than and are now number 1 in the world whereas Thailand is still struggling. Although we can't change the way of teaching in Thailand, we can make a difference for our students in our school. In the old days the focus of mathematics was doing endless computations. Knowing the basic skills for additions, subtraction, multiplications and divisions was a very big part of the mathematics lesson. Thailand is still doing very well on this part of mathematics. The reason for this is that many schools still focus mainly on this part of mathematics. But why does Thailand score so low internationally? 

The reason for this is that mathematics is more than only computations. Solving daily live problems is a part of mathematics that is very hard for many children but also very important. To learn how to solve the problem is more important than the computation of the equation that comes with it. Because when does any grown-up has to calculate (19,454,429 - 18,352,431) x 3 =   for example. No one does that anymore. We have calculators and computers that could do that for you, but we still need to understand how problems could be solved.

In our school we start with understanding mathematics from a very young age. Maria Montessori was aware that mathematics education needed materials to let students understand concepts. If you visit our Montessori classrooms you will see how many engaging materials we have for the children. The children will find out many mathematical concepts by 'playing' with the materials. Guided by our skillful teachers young students learn many mathematical concepts to prepare them for their entire educational journey. 

Although the Primary classes don't have a Montessori classroom we are still focusing our mathematical education on conceptional understanding. This means that children need to know WHAT and WHY they are doing things. Children can do that using materials when needed. Our Math Lab has many materials to help the students understand the different concepts. We combine our Math Lab materials (Math World) with the materials that are developed by Maria Montessori. This gives the teachers and the students the freedom to find the best way to understand mathematics. We know that every student is unique and different methods and explanations are needed to cater every need. 

We are determined to educate your child with the highest standards. Feel free to ask our teachers about our mathematical approach. We believe in mathematics, we believe in your child. We hope you believe in us.


Kind regards,

Martin Stoel


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